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Toxin Test Booster - 120caps

Toxin Test Booster is specifically formulated in the TF7 laboratory by the TF7 mixer, which encourages the body to increase testosterone levels

Brand TF7 Labs
Category Test./ Insulin boosters
Capsules 120 Capsules


Purpose: Toxin Test Booster is specially formulated in the TF7 TF7 laboratory, which encourages the body to increase testosterone levels while not linking and using the existing free-flow test, it also retains control at the same time. Toxins result in an explosion in power, libido, energy, and muscle mass. Decreased estrogen - along with elevated testosterone, decreased estrogen contributes to all the same factors as testosterone, so it is a very useful effect of TF7 toxin. Unleash your full potential in the gym (and other departments!). Toxin has been developed to transform the natural muscular environment of your body. To achieve maximum strength and muscle mass, you need to achieve the right natural balance to make sure you recover from all this hard workout and that all your meals are aimed at restoring and restoring the muscles!

Nutritional Information: for 1 dose (4 capsules) 100% Bulbine Natalensis: 2000 mg

Content: 100% Bulbinel Natalensis, microcirculation cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate

Recommended use: Take 4 capsules after waking and 4 capsules before training (or at 8 hours, 2 times a day in non-training days).

Pack size: 120 capsules